The History of Espionage – part 1

This is just an introduction for what will be a multi-part series on Espionage. In this episode we discuss some of the key elements to spying across the ages whether you are Alfred the Great pretending to be a lute player infiltrating a viking encampment or a modern day drone operative. We see how military... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Joan of Arc

In this episode rather than exploring a topic as we have before, we look at one of the most fascinating characters from medieval history: Joan of Arc. We visited the site of her greatest triumph - Orléans on our holidays and we recorded some content while we were there. We discuss how this teenage peasant... Continue Reading →

The History of Medicine part 3

In this episode we pick up the history of medicine just when it begins to get more scientific. This is great for the general health of humanity but less good for us as we are frequently out of our depths. We soldier gamely on through the discovery of the circulation of blood, the founding of... Continue Reading →

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