On the Road: Joan of Arc

In this episode rather than exploring a topic as we have before, we look at one of the most fascinating characters from medieval history: Joan of Arc. We visited the site of her greatest triumph – Orléans on our holidays and we recorded some content while we were there. We discuss how this teenage peasant girl led the armies of France to an improbable victory that started to push the English out of France.

Over the summer we have not been able to stick to our fortnightly podcast schedule but hopefully we will back on track soon.


The main bridge over the Loire that led from La Tourelle to Orléans

You can pick up the episode on:




           The Majestic Loire – Le Fleuve Royal


There’s a lot of Joan of Arc memorabilia around Orléans – even a La Pucelle beer that somehow didn’t feel very Joan!


Points for discussion or research:

How long did the Hundred Years War last?

Where and when was Henry VI of England crowned King of France?

What does this photo represent?:




Castor, H. (2015). Joan of Arc. London: Faber & Faber.
Peach, L. and Kenney, J. (1971). Joan of Arc. 
Loughborough, Eng.: Ladybird Books.
Our Fake History: How do you explain Joan of Arc?
This is an excellent three episode series, start here: Episode 1
The History of England: 157 Joan of Arc
History Extra: The Trials of Joan of Arc  
An interview with Helen Castor about her book
Joan of Arc - The Messenger
A film by Luc Besson. 
This is an excellent film, starring Milla Jovovich as Joan.
She gets the balance between innocence and mad warrior just right.
We both really enjoyed it.

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