The History of the Reformation

This is a rather special episode for us. We were invited to do a guest episode by lovely David Crowther for his most magnificent History of England podcast. If you do not already subscribe to it, I urge you to do so – it is wonderful.
You can find The History of England on:
The History of England Website
And probably many other channels.
David is also a member of the Agora Podcast Network The place to visit if an intelligent podcast is your thing.
If you want to hear our episode you can listen to it here:
On Stitcher 

David has been massively supportive of us for a long time by giving us all sorts of help and advice. In fact the History of England is one of the reasons that I wanted to Our History Podcast. I love history podcasts and Otto likes podcasts but we hadn’t ever found one that was pitched for kids. I was really keen for Otto to be able to share some of the learning I was getting from the History of England and other podcasts so we thought we might as well do one ourselves.
The idea for our podcast is that we make history understandable for Otto and other kids like him.
David is currently covers the Reformation in his podcast and as that is a pretty complex subject, I thought it would be a challenge to see if I could talk Otto through it. I am not sure I quite manage it but we have fun along the way and hopefully our listeners will be able to pick up a thing or two. We hope that we might be invited back on to the History of England another time to talk about something in parallel with what David is covering at the time.
In this podcast we cover episodes 224 and 225 of the History of England which are about the state of the Church in England at the time of the Reformation and Martin Luther. We discuss how, at that stage, Henry VIII didn’t seem to be about to break with Rome and set up a Protestant Church of England. We should probably do a Reformation part 2 to see how Henry, Catherine and Anne are getting along.
I hope you enjoy the episode.
I try to credit sources but there’s only one source for this episode and that’s the History of England.

I have been trying to include some questions or ideas for discussion to accompany each of our episodes. So today we have picture-based ones.

  • One of the two people pictured above is Martin Luther and the other is Martin Luther King. Which is which? Easy, I know!
  • Ok then, who is the person pictured in the featured image of the blog:HenryVIII_1509

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