The History of Medicine parts 1 & 2

We had to have two goes at this episode. When we started recording we realised that we did not know an awful lot about the history of medicine, so we had to go away and do some research. But then we got into the swing of things and we cover the history of medicine from Hippocrates to the renaissance.

Hildegard of Bingen

We are publishing a couple of days early as we are off on holiday this evening. We are going to France and hope to do a couple of on the road casts though we will have to see how we get on with the tech.

As ever you can get the episode through various channels:




Books we read:

Blood and Guts: A short history of medicine by Roy Porter

The History of Medicine: A very short introduction by William Bynum

The Grisly History of Medicine: Potions, Poisons and Pills

100 Things to Know about the Human Body

The Four Humours

Galen: Pierre-Roch Vigneron [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Other images licensed under creative commons

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